HackerRank CodePair

Conduct great technical interviews from anywhere.

Evaluate problem-solving and communication skills
with real-time pair programming using CodePair.


Invite candidate to a live pair
programming session

Load your own challenge or one available in the library

Watch, chat, collaborate
and run code in real-time

Review their approach with key-by-key playback

A modern approach to technical interviews

Whiteboard interviews and collaboration docs don’t bring the best out of candidates.
Conduct interviews in a real coding environment - get better clarity in skills and offer candidates a better experience.

Interactive experience

Make remote interviews as dynamic as on-sites with live audio, video, and chat in a single browser. Conduct 1:1 or panel interviews. Edit code, run, and test in an interactive session.

Built-in library support

Define pre-approved questions, or let teams evaluate with HackerRank’s library of 1500+ technical challenges across 35+ languages.

Unbeatable reliability

Designed with developers in mind, HackerRank is backed with enterprise-grade infrastructure. That means high availability, high scalability, and low latency.


Great experience for junior candidates,
ideal platform for experienced developers

Conduct high quality technical interviews

  • Define pre-approved interview questions for more consistent evaluations
  • Deploy developer friendly IDE with autocomplete and choice of Vim/Emac editor
  • Detect dishonest behavior with advanced proctoring controls, like window switching

Collective decision making made simple

  • Coordinate across interviewers with private chats during live sessions, plus interviewer notes for post-session feedback
  • Recreate interviews on demand with key-by-key playback the entire team can review

Enterprise Ready

Enterprise-grade platform with scalable team management, compliance, security, and privacy controls. Spend less time on set-up and scale easily company-wide.

Global, personalized support

Work with a seasoned customer success team that has helped global companies successfully deploy, train, and adopt HackerRank solutions.

Customers who use HackerRank love CodePair for it is

Battle tested. Developer approved.

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